When a couple becomes parents, so many factors come in; this couple will have to consider monetary matters, food, future education, and other issues that will come to light in this new journey. From conception to giving birth, the mother is always in a critical condition, needing constant care, love, support, and nourishment. The most important thing she can ever receive from the people surrounding her and the baby is affection, an affection that can radiate even up to the unborn baby in the mother’s womb. The father on the other hand, although he is expected to do everything from securing money to washing clothes that his wife cannot anymore do with a big baby bump, should also not be forgotten and needs taking care of. Although he is to be the man in the setting, we cannot deny the fact that they will also get rattled by the coming gift.

Once the baby comes, everything changes. This little bundle of joy will become the apple of mommy and daddy’s eyes. While still in the process of growth, the child will be nurtured and fed and also given attention so that he/she may grow up to be a product of love that never failed. Showing love to your children at a very young age is the most important factor that will shape a child’s character. Parents, when they finally get the hang of it, start to relax and go back to their old pattern of going to work to make a living. Once this happens, they become very busy and start to take for granted the children they are leaving at home. That might have sounded harsh but in a child’s perspective, he/she will feel like his/her parents forgot about him/her when in fact they are only doing their best to provide what’s best for their children.

As parents, we will wish for our children everything they desire and want them to have what we didn’t have as kids. It will be a challenge that we will seem to keep fighting for because all we want is for them to have a great future where they can easily choose what they want to become in the future. What we wish is for our children to understand that we are only doing this for them, but sadly with their age and total lack of experience in parenting, they will never be able to comprehend what we are trying to keep in store for them.

However, we also fail to notice that when we become busy, we are not able to give them most of the attention that they need in their young, formative years. Children are very sensitive and when they feel that they are not important, they tend to shy away and hide in their shells. The comfort zone that they make for themselves become the very enclosure that is keeping them away from their parents. Children seek refuge in the arms of their parents. When they grow up, they will not remember how you worked so hard to give them the most beautiful toys and the latest gadget, but they will remember how you ticked them in at night and read them a bedtime story before saying good night. Children will remember how you made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for school or how you let them sneak in Pop Tarts just to give them a treat.

When your kids are young, give them the experience of a lifetime and that is spending as much time with them as you can because you will never be able to take those years back. In time, your kids will look back on how they had such a fun childhood and how they felt like they were loved. When they grow up, they will take these experiences with them, and they will be able to share it with other people knowing that their parents taught them only the best and that others deserve the same kind of love they had when they were with their mommies and daddies.

In conclusion, indeed, parents’ affection affects a child’s happiness for life. Kids of today will not remember the  Gameboys they once had when they were young; instead they will treasure the days when you went to the zoo to look at the animals and learn about nature, the time when you would go to the beach and wallow under the scorching heat of the sun making sand castles, the time when you took them to the shelter to adopt their first pet, and the time when you first brought them to school to show them how to grow up into beautiful children.

A happy childhood equates to happy adult life. People with more positive childhood experiences have a more positive outlook in life because they can always look back and remember that it is possible to experience a love so true and unconditional. With this, they can easily relate to other people and share what they have experienced. Radiating positive energy to others, they will become a blessing to everyone who comes their way.

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