How long can you stay a parent? When does parenting end? A parent stays a parent for the rest of his/her life. It does not end within the day. A parent’s advice doesn’t stop there because doting parents always remind and guide their children time and again with love and affection.

Children with affectionate parents live better lives. They are happier individuals compared to children who are abandoned or abused by their own parents. Statistics need not prove this because any individual could tell by the way parents treat their kids at home. I know, right?

There are different ways and strategies on how parents bring love and affection into their family and home. Parents, here is your checklist:

  1. Always let your kids feel warmth and security by hugging and kissing them.

This is the most obvious way to let them feel that they are loved, right? No angry or indifferent person loves and kisses his enemy, hello? All parents, be human beings or animals, hug and kiss their offspring as a sign of their affection.

  1. Be thoughtful.

Remember and recognize their birthday, school awards, and good deeds. Take them to dinner during special events like graduation, Easter Sunday, New Year, etc. and even during regular days. Cook or serve them their favorite pasta or chicken dish especially when they request for it, no matter how tired you are. Buy your daughter the dress she has been eyeing through the store window. Treats need not be expensive or material things. How about a massage after long hours of study or how about a glass of milk or soda while they watch their favorite TV series? A simple touch or pat makes them feel they are human and sensitive to feelings.

  1. Never say you are too old to understand their thing.

Just go with the flow. Even if you do not like their funky music, they are there to enjoy it… with you. If they talk about someone or something, listen well and understand the things they happily share and talk back like you are very interested. Try things that they do. Your kids will certainly love to see you interact and be a member of the team. They love to have a cool, playful parent.

  1. Be vocal with your feelings.

If you are not seeing them for a while, tell them you miss them and that home is lonely without kids shouting and running around. Tell your daughter that her dress looks good on her and she looks like her favorite star. Remind your son that he was amazing during his recital or during his game. Say thank you for every little deed they showed you and that you love what they gave you. Always apologize. It does not hurt to say you are sorry. Say it with all your heart, along with the tightest hug. They will do the same. Surely.

  1. Be positive even if the situation turns difficult.

Always assure them that you are there for them no matter what. Comfort them with nice and sweet words and thoughts. Never say anything that would humiliate or hurt them because a person hardly forgets bad things.

These parental tips never go wrong. Go ahead and surprise your kids. They will love you back for the simple things that you do for them, and with them. Beloved kids are happy kids.

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