To be in the Air Force is no ordinary feat. Those who make it to the Air Force go through strict training in doing all things with excellence. Alertness, Intelligence, Responsibility, Fearlessness, Optimism, Responsiveness, Conscientiousness, and Empathy are just some of the qualities to fill in the shoes of an Air Force man. Important lessons can be learned from being in the Air Force.


Anyone can be skilled in anything but it takes one to be always alert in doing things right and with focus. Alertness is always seeking to improve one’s self and others in a team. An alert person is one who has quieted himself in the inside, is more observant and present in all circumstances without being frantic.


It takes intelligence to fly an airplane. Learning how to fly an airplane involves precision and maneuvers. It is the same with maneuvering life, how we take the right direction from takeoff to landing. As Albert Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


The worth of a man is measured by how he assumes responsibility not only for his own welfare but also for others.  To take responsibility for actions means you face accountability and admit any mistake. When one takes responsibility, he becomes powerful. From a quote: “If you realize your responsibility you will realize your destiny.”


Fear stops us from making the first step to freedom. When we overcome fear and just move forward with balancing each step, freedom is just one more step away. Fear keeps us stunted and makes us afraid to face death.


Developing confidence entails a mental attitude of optimism and hope for a positive outcome. With confidence comes competence to do complicated and dangerous things. We can have bumpy experiences but they teach us lessons. We learn from mistakes and failures but are not afraid to try again. Staying positive attracts positive energies and high morale.


Training in the Air Force is rigid and challenging but to be in a real situation depends on one’s responsiveness to a situation. It is the ability to adjust quickly to sudden and unexpected conditions without losing ground. Rather than giving up completely in a situation, be not part of the problem but contribute to the solution.  


Being conscientious is being careful and takes obligations towards others with seriousness. Tasks are done well with efficiency and organization. Everything is done with discipline and thoroughness. A conscientious man sacrifices his personal interests for the betterment of others. Conscientiousness paves the way to success. It is doing small things with great love. A conscientious man is always dependable.


“Empathy begins with understanding life from another person’s perspective,” according to Sterling K. Brown. A true leader in the Air Force is able to relate to his subordinates and connect with them, to inspire them and to empower them. Respect is gained when there is empathy. Each person deserves the same respect no matter their status or race.

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