“A face only a mother could love”. I agree with that person who described her looks. Through our mother’s eyes, we are perfect. Our mothers proudly look at us like we are as beautiful as Miss Universe or or as hunk as Arnold Schwarzenegger. At all times, she always introduces us to her friends and colleagues like it was the first time. Nobody can look at us and love us like our mother does.

Our mother always forgives us even if we have repeatedly failed. She believes in us and tirelessly encourages us to do better next time. For her, we always have time for improvement. For her, we are not at fault. She sometimes takes responsibility for our failure to the point that she is already hurt. Her trust never ceases even if her brain tells her otherwise. It is because she uses her heart all the time. She is emotional when it involves her children. For her, her children are to die for.

Our mother bleeds when we are in pain. She feels the ache more than we do and she would wish to exchange places and feel the pain herself. When we are sad, she weeps. When we are happy, she is screaming with great joy.

Everybody can write a good composition about the importance of a mother’s love. All individuals can express and enumerate the importance of our mother’s existence. It is because we only have good words for her. Writing about a mother and the importance of her love is everybody’s favorite topic. In beauty pageants, topics about mothers are common and answers usually involve a mother. At school, mothers are always mentioned.

One contestant in a beauty pageant said: “A mother is a picture of poverty”. This is true because only a mother can sacrifice and give up everything for her children. She wouldn’t mind starving while her children gorge on her share. It is her happiness to see that her children are well-fed and well-educated.

There is a good reason why God made woman as a mother. A loving mother means the whole world for all individuals because only a mother knows best for her child. At the time of conception, a mother’s love starts ticking. This is the start of nurturing her child. For months, she bears the inconvenience and pain in carrying the child in her womb. She endures all the sufferings during pregnancy and risks her life during childbirth. She feeds with her breastmilk and gives the child the most nutritious food. Our well-being depends on how our mother carries us in her womb until the day when we are ready to go on our own. She is very passionate in taking care of us. She is a selfless individual.

A mother’s love is the greatest love of all, as a popular song goes. She molds us to be better individuals and teach us good deeds. We attain our goals with her help and guidance. We wouldn’t be in our place if not because of her.

All of us need a mother despite our age and situation. She is the only person who could fit into anything in this world. Mothers are the most caring and most beautiful human being. She is the epitome of love, sacrifice, understanding, patience and selflessness.

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