We are all for happiness and joy, things that will make us see the more positive things in life. With the amount of stress we face every day, we tend to seek solace and comfort in the things we find most appealing and the things which bring us joy. One of the debates still going on today is whether happy memories induce happiness. The answer might be obvious, but before getting there, we must first indulge ourselves on the idea of understanding why people make a conscious decision to choose the path of seeking out the greatest, most joyous events in our lives in times when we feel like we are broken down and in pain.

Since all of us have experienced pain, it is only fitting to conclude that it isn’t the best thing we would wish for anyone to feel. When in this situation, we always do our best to seek out the happiest memory we can find in the deepest recesses of our brain. Why, though, is it stated above that we need to “do our best”? This is because happy memories are more easily forgotten compared to the opposite. Because of the amount of trauma that a disappointment can give us, it is less easy to forget that we once, e.g., lost a beloved friend, saw our favorite dog have its eyes glaze over as it is met by death, broke our hearts, failed an exam, etc.

It is common knowledge that a positive outlook can lead you to positive outcomes, and nobody wants to dwell in anything that can make them feel bad. When we are on the verge of breakdown, pressured, sad, depressed, disappointed, etc., we usually push ourselves to “think happy thoughts.” It works because nostalgia can bring about so many positive things. Sometimes it brings us peace and calm. A few examples of such is when we remember how our mother used to sing to us before we went to bed or how our parents read us a bedtime story. Sometimes, even songs bring us a sense of joy, remembering how you and your friends used to play it when you went to road trips and long car rides.

In conclusion to all the statements above, happy memories indeed induce happiness. The more you think of how things made you happy in the past, the more you will want your life to be happier. With a positive drive and outlook, you will be able to pattern it to your behavior by encouraging yourself to focus only on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Engaging in the negativities of life can bring you in the exact opposite direction and can pull you down into the depths of darkness. Continue to take care of your mental health by exercising your memory and bringing out the happy things you once experience. Challenge it as energy, and watch it influence other people. A happy person is someone who is contented and totally aware of how life can be.

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