The word depression is scary. For me, it is one of the worst illnesses one can ever imagine. You are like fighting with and against your own self. You are battling against your own will and it is very difficult to fight against your own demon. Even worse, one is not aware that he or she has depression until that individual starts bending out of shape. So, it is very important to recognize and identify the signs and symptoms of this debilitating mental illness and to do something about it as early as possible.

So how do you bounce back or recover from Great Depression? There are a lot of things you can do to save a person or yourself from self-destruction. Here are a few, though:

  1. Eat the right foods. Studies show that refined foods cause stress, and physical and mental fatigue. Reduce carbohydrate intake and choose leafy green vegetables and meat-preferably white meat.
  2. Be transparent. Tell your family and friends that you aren’t feeling well so that they could notice and monitor your moves. Be honest with them with your feelings and your intentions. Family and friends are always there to cheer you up.
  3. See your physician regularly. The best person to diagnose and treat you is your doctor. Professional help is needed when nobody and nothing seems right and good for you. He can prescribe antidepressants or perhaps confinement.
  4. Keep yourself busy and stay away from depressing environment. Always find time to visit friends and family to stay preoccupied. Go shopping. Visit a long-lost friend.
  5. Get a dog. Need I say more? Surprisingly, no dog owner is depressed! Dogs treat loneliness and keep your heart beating soundly. They are always there beside you as long as you want. Your pet encourages you to exercise by playing and running with him. He treats you like a king and your wish is his command. They let you feel important and of substance.
  6. Exercise more. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel better, everything around you is best. You are inspired to dress up and flaunt your curves. It feels invigorating and inspiring when someone admires your looks, right? You will be inspired to do that daily and eventually, your body becomes healthier and glowing. A healthy body goes with a healthy mind.
  7. If nothing works, then pray. Prayers are so powerful that it creates miracles. When you pray, there is a feeling of relief. Surrender everything to Him and always believe in the power of prayers. Faith always gives a person confidence and assurance.
  8. Indulge in something nice and new. Have you travelled? Have you ever been to a new and exciting place? Travel with a group. Discover other culture. Taste exotic foods. Go to amusement park and try the most daring rides. Shout at the top of your lungs. It will stimulate your brain and increase your heartbeat.
  9. Family engagement. Home is where your heart is. It is the most relaxing atmosphere and your abode is where you get to interact and touch your favorite people. Their touch or smile is enough for you to feel better.

So how do you manage anxiety, loneliness and the Big D? Keep this checklist, and share to others. You can eliminate some points or add some. What’s important is for you and for everyone around to identify and recognize the signs and symptoms of depression as soon as possible. Prevention is always better than cure and rehabilitation. Cheers!

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