As early as the 1900s and with America’s great idea to open its land to other countries for export, the Bretton Woods Agreement which composed of several delegates became a success. For years, Americans have been slowly building their empire by playing smart and maximizing what big or small leverage they might have against other countries. Today, the United States, because of its smart participation and geography, was able to become on of the greatest superpowers, even up to this day.

For more than five decades, the United States is the only country which had no foreign boot enter its soils which means that no country has gone to war with them after World War II. This nation has grown so much in power that now, it had created the biggest, most reliable brands sought after by many.

Most of you might now be wondering why the United States is being put in the spotlight. Since we are talking about global conflicts and militarization and the United States is one of the countries that has risen so much in power, let’s all start there.

One of the biggest events in history is 9/11 where two US airlines crashed into America’s famous Twin Towers. The event killed hundreds of individuals and caused a slight deflation in the economy. Along with this, more issues came to rise. Eventually, after a lot of investigation, the United States found out that it was the Al-Qaeda who hijacked the planes that set the ball rolling. Because this terrorist group lived in Muslim countries, America waged war to find the ones responsible for the event.

What is the significance of this event? When the Al-Qaeda showed how easily they were able to hijack American planes, the US government initially got concerned with the fact that they did not have enough security. Because of their vulnerability, they decided to strengthen their troops thus giving importance to militarization.

While the United States is only an example, many other countries are doing the same. Threatened and scared that the same thing might happen to them, other countries decided to spend a lot for the military, allocating billions for military expenditures such as trainings for troops, guns, and other artillery that they may be able to use in case an unexpected war breaks out.

The world we are living in today is not as peaceful as it had been in the past. Countries are not as friendly as time has brought tension to each one as different decisions were made for the development of their own nation. With the rise in the number of differences, it has been quite hard to be trusting. Every year, countries try to force allegiances with others as they integrate bonds to make themselves allies, but with the intelligent individuals behind every decision made, backup plans have already been created in case something goes wrong with their partnership.

Global conflicts are rampant and are easily noticeable to the public, and to be able to push past it and be ready for the future, countries have decided to place their concentration in the military in hopes that they will be able to defend us in the future.

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